How to increase customer satisfaction with Digital Signage?

Mar 6, 2019

Would you like to make your customers’ queueing and waiting time better?

It is clear that the queueing and waiting make the customer experience worse [1]. An intuitive solution would be to make the actual waiting time shorter but sometimes it’s not financially feasible to increase resources.

Using Digital Signage you can make the perceived waiting time shorter and better [1]. This is achieved by offering interesting content so that the customer focuses on the content instead of the actual waiting.

The attention value of Digital Signage’s animated content is far superior compared to traditional print. In addition to shortening the perceived wait time of the customer, you can communicate with your customer, for example, about your services, values and current information such as weather and news. This improves the customer’s knowledge of the company and improves the waiting experience. With a better experience, the customer is more likely to return.

Juhana Palmunen


[1] Garaus, M. and Wagner, U., 2019. Let me entertain you–Increasing overall store satisfaction through digital signage in retail waiting areas. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 47, pp.331-338.


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